The Real Estate Agent to Avoid


Selling, buying or letting property can be a daunting task. It can be frustrating and stressful. So, you scout for a real estate agent who will assist you along the way and, hopefully, make things a lot easier for you.

You find one, and you are delighted! Not so fast though. Be cautious, lest you fall into the hands of an agent who may end up disappointing you.

A good real estate agent understands the frustrations you may endure in selling, buying or renting property. A good agent will strive to make the process easier for you, and will work hard to deliver your desire.

Then there is the agent who will just take you round in circles and either deliver nothing in the end or the wrong result. You need to be able to spot this type of agent from a distance.

Here, we highlight three red flags you should be on the lookout for to avoid engaging the wrong real estate agent.


This agent thinks he or she knows it all. In their view, they’re never wrong. Such people will listen to you but not take your concerns, wants or needs into consideration when making a decision. They will make a pick and insist it is the right one for you. You may have a suggestion but they will brush you off, saying, ‘believe me, I know what I am telling you’.

Your feedback does not matter to this agent. Do you want such? Of course not.


It is in the middle of the day. You call your agent. She/he does not pick up. You call again after two hours. The phone goes unanswered. You send a text message, saying you’d like to discuss something urgently. No response until the following afternoon when a nonchalant reply comes through.

This agent is basically absent when needed. Is this the kind of agent you should work with? Shouldn’t your agent be more responsive? By all means a good agent should.


You may have encountered such people in life. They are all dazzle, blinding you with their words and mannerisms. They’ll promise you the moon. But besides their charisma, they have nothing else to offer. They do not hesitate to give you false promises they have no intention of fulfilling. Or, they peddle to you their wishful thinking without giving due consideration to market realities.

This agent will exaggerate the beauty of a property or promise you they’ll sell your house faster than you think. Yet they know otherwise. Such agents use choice sweet words to convince you to buy their outlandish proposals. Does your agent have evidence to support their fancy claims? Confirm that or you’d have fallen for the charms of a show person.

Look for marks of professionalism

You’ll need to confirm whether the person you are dealing with is a professional real estate agent. Does this person pay attention to detail?

Are they affiliated to a reputable real estate company or are they briefcase agents?

Choosing the right professional real estate agent requires you to consider factors such as communication ability, responsiveness, ethics and experience as marks of professionalism.

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