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Kenya is a cars’ country. According to Kenya Transport statistics, Kenya registered a total of 3,280,934.000 units in 2018 compared to 2004 where it recorded 711,142.00 units. This shows that there has been a rising demand for motor vehicles in Kenya. This has also affected the price of these cars. The demand has directly affected the cost of owning a car in Kenya, besides other factors like the availability of car loans. Construction of major Kenyan roads has also influenced the surge in motor vehicles’ demand in Kenya and their prices.

There has also been a certain emergence of some commonly used cars in Kenya. These are cars that probably cost fair enough for most Kenyans, or are equally effective in relation to the activities they get picked for.

1. Toyota Probox


The Toyota Probox is a very common car on Kenyan roads. This vehicle is used both in urban and rural areas in Kenya. Most people prefer the Toyota Probox for several reasons besides its cost. The Probox is said to have a tough body structure, especially for older models. It also has a very spacious boot space which can be extended by folding the back seats forward. On top of that, the Toyota Probox is very fuel-efficient as it can comfortably cover 12Kms with a liter of fuel with its 1500cc petrol engine.

Another major factor considered by most Probox buyers is the availability of its spare parts. This means it costs much less to repair a Toyota Probox in Kenya.

Being a car in high demand in the Kenyan market, the price of a Toyota Probox is also competitive. A ready-to-drive Toyota Probox will cost you about KSH900,000 for the 2014 – 2015 model. Older models of the Toyota Probox will cost you about Ksh500,000 in Kenya today.

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2. Subaru Forester


The Subaru Forester is a common car, especially with the younger generation. The most preferred version of the Subaru Forester is the older model. This is a stylish car with a body shape that seems to attract many Kenyans. Certain older models of the Subaru Forester come with a 160hp engine with Turbo. They are easily customizable which is what most young drivers look for in a Subaru Forester.

It also comes with a big boot space for extra luggage. This car has a good resale value compared to other cars of its age in the Kenyan market. The price of an older Subaru Forester will be around KSH600,000 for a 2003 model.

Newer versions of the Subaru Forester will cost up to Ksh2,000,000 for a 2014 model.

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Original photograph of the Subaru Forester available in Pinterest

3. Toyota Mark X


Toyota Mark X is very common in the urban roads of Kenya. This car is highly effective, especially for long-distance highway drives. It is comfortable with a luxurious feel for the users. The Mark X is preferred by most Kenyan youth for its stylish body shape, great performance, and above-average handling.

The Toyota Mark X comes with a 2.5l engine. It is not the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the road, but it is guaranteed to get you around the city with little hassle. Spare parts are readily available making it quite affordable to maintain.

The price of a Brand new Toyota Mark X is about Ksh1,700,000 for a 2013 model. A used Toyota Mark X 2007 model is relatively cheaper costing about KSH600,000

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4. Honda Fit

The price and demand of the Honda Fit shot up after the introduction of the online taxi business in Kenya. Besides low fuel-efficient, the Honda Fit is preferred by most drivers for its good ground clearance and the unique body shape that comes with it. The Honda Fit is commonly used on the urban roads of Kenya. Most road users go for the Honda Fit as it can serve as a family vehicle and also as a source of revenue for those who choose to use it for the online taxi-hailing business.

The Honda Fit is readily available in the Kenyan market which makes its price quite affordable compared to its competitors like the Toyota Vitz.

The price of a Brand New Honda Fit is about KSH1,100,000 for a 2014 model. Older versions of the Honda Fit, like the 2010 model, will cost you about KSH600,000

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The common cars on the Kenyan have their unique features which make them attractive to Kenyans. It doesn’t have to be the cheapest or the most fuel-efficient car to be common on the Kenyan road. Just as different cars in Kenya have different costs, so dotheir uses. The cost of cars in Kenya is influenced by several factors. Demand is one of those factors.

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