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The Kenyan market is filled with different types of cars. Some are brand new cars while others are used cars. Either you are buying your first car or you are switching from one model to another, you will want to select the most reliable car. The most reliable cars to buy in Kenya today are easy to find in the market. They also possess unique qualities like low fuel consumption, spare parts are readily available, and some are easy to drive in the Kenyan rough roads.

Most of these reliable cars in Kenya are easy to find which therefore means they will not be very expensive to buy. With as little as KSH500,000, you can drive some of these vehicles with little hassle.


The Suzuki Swift was first produced in 2004 and has since taken the Kenyan market by storm. This car has very low fuel consumption as it comes with a 1200cc petrol engine. It can take you for about 23km per 1 liter of fuel. The model produces 83hp and is an all-wheel drive. The ground clearance for this vehicle may not be the best, but it can do pretty well on the Kenyan roads.

You can get a used Suzuki Swift for a price of as little as KSH450000. A new Suzuki Swift will cost you more ranging around KSH650000 to KSH850000 for the 2014 model.


The Toyota Vitz is one of the most reliable cars in Kenya. This car has low fuel consumption and a fair ground clearance. The engine is not very powerful especially if you have the 1ltr petrol engine model, but it is good enough to take you around. Toyota Vitz is very common in the Kenyan market making it very affordable and at the same time very easy to sell. The Vitz has readily available spare parts and is fairly cheap to maintain.

You can get a used Toyota Vitz with as little as KSH420000 for a 2005 model. Latest models like the 2014 Toyota Vitz might go for a price of about KSH900000


The Mitsubishi Outlander is one of the most reliable cars to buy in Kenya. Both used and new Mitsubishi Outlander are guaranteed to give you a much better service experience compared to most of its market competitors. This vehicle has a good ground clearance which makes it efficient for the Kenyan roads, especially rough roads. It comes with a powerful engine and is either a 5-seater or a 7-seater. If you are looking for a tough used car in Kenya, then this can be your first choice. It is cheap compared to most of its rivals.

You can get a used Mitsubishi Outlander for price as little as KSH800000 for a 2005 model. For a new model, it might cost about KSH2000000


The Mercedes W202 model comes with a triple-1 engine. The triple-1 engine is arguably the most reliable engine in the world. This makes almost every Mercedes Benz using this engine a reliable car to use in Kenya. It has a low fuel consumption and will also give you the taste of class. A used Merceds Benz is not very difficult to find in the Kenyan market. The Mercedes W202 has a very high safety rate and it rarely breaks down.

You can get a used W202 Mercedes Benz for a price of around KSH550000 in the Kenyan Market today.


The Toyota Hilux is a common vehicle on the Kenyan roads. It is not the easiest to maintain but it can be very reliable especially the models that came with the 5L engine. The 5L engine is very reliable and would not break down easily. A used Toyota Hilux can either be a single cab or a double cab. This vehicle has good ground clearance, is an Off roader, and spare parts are readily available To specifically get the 5L engine Toyota Hilux, one might ned to go for the 2002 – 2003 model. Later models come with the 2-KD engine which is also reliable.

You can get a used Toyota Hilux for a price of about KSH990000 for a 2003 model. Newer models with the 2-KD engine are more expensive.


The most reliable used cars can be any of the listed vehicles. This are vehicles guaranteed to give you good service on the Kenyan roads. Used cars in Kenya are readily available which makes them very affordable. We have several used car listing available for sale on our website. The prices are negotiable and fair.

The listing is random and does not follow any order. Please leave a comment if there is another reliable car you know but is not listed.

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